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Alan Whitehead - Platinum Course Director

Platinum Course Director for last 8 years (from the start!) and the only resident Platinum CD in Malta. Been diving for over 25 years, originally through CMAS but moved to PADI in mid 1990's and never looked back.

Previously owned The Diving Academy for 10 years along with Viv which was a great success in the Manchester and Liverpool areas and often organised holidays and IDC's to Malta using Divewise as their base. They loved the centre and Maltese way of life so much they bought it !!

Alan will be able to offer Cave Diving Courses as well as Side Mount Courses when he returns from Mexico at the end of Jan 2014, so book your flights and come and join him explore the caves of Malta and Gozo.


Neville McLellan - Course Director

PADI Course Director. Originally from Manchester, did a lot of diving in Tenerife along with his Divemaster Course then worked his way up to MSDT with The Diving Academy previously owned by Alan & Viv, but after a season in Malta decided never to return and is now a permenant feature in the Maltese diving community. As one of the owners of the business along with Alan & Viv, he has put all his efforts into Customer Service and ensures everyone has a great time. Neville is known for some absolutely AWFUL jokes - so bad you'll love them! Once he starts we always know what's coming next ...


Vivienne Whitehead - Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor - looks after all the administration and keeps the staff on their toes. If you call or email Divewise, then it will probably be Viv that you deal with and always with a smile.

Viv enjoys her diving when she gets the chance but often has to blow the cobwebs off her kit beforehand ... She prefers to run the centre making sure it all runs well, organises boats for trips and any other requests and loves to see the divers coming back later in the day with big smiles and looking at their photos - very good at recommending restaurants too for a special meal for 2 or a group affair

At the end of the day you can join her at Huggins with a Vodka and Tonic or a Drambuie on ice which does the trick to end another perfect day!


Sarah Shaw - Master Instructor

Sarah is a Master Instructor who joined us in June 2008. She created our Sea Slug Speciality Course, which we now offer at Divewise, and is our resident expert on marine-life. A valuable all-rounder, Sarah particularly enjoys teaching DPV and photography. Her husband, Howard, is also an instructor here and together, they are an impressive duo producing outstanding photographs and videos. They followed Viv and Alan to Malta from the UK and Sarah became an EFR instructor in November 2010.


Howard Shaw - Master Instructor

A Master Instructor joined us in September 2008 and is a valuable all rounder enjoys teaching photography and DPV. Howard makes the other half of a couple with Sarah Shaw, and they also form a formidable photo and video partnership too! You'll see us linking to their awesome videos all the time on our blogs.

Howard also achieved a goal by becoming an EFR Instructor Trainer in Nov 2010 and can also teach Tec 40 Courses; another string to his bow.


Stephen Scerri - IDC Staff Instructor

Stephen did his Open Water Course with 3 friends back in April 2009 and went on to complete his Advanced and some specialties. He soon became addicted to his new hobby and was soon a Rescue Diver too. There was no surprise when he soon signed up for his Divemaster and then went on to the IDC in April 2010 - he passed with flying colours and had the biggest smile ever!! He now enjoys teaching for Divewise on the weekends or happy to take out the night divers on pleasure dives or the Night Specialty. Stephen teaches with passion and great care and always has the divers coming out of the water with his infectious smile!!


 Vasilisa Skripnik - IDC Staff Instructor

Our Russian Instructor, Vasilisa completed her IDC course in November 2011 and after a short break over winter joined the team early 2012. Always happy and smiling, Vasi spent most of her first season with us on the house reef as she was also learning to drive on the correct side of the road ;-) Now a competent driver we have let her loose on the island.....

Steve Wilko 

Steve Wilkinson - IDC Staff Instructor

Steve aka 'Wilko' joined the team in January 2013. Working mainly on the technical dive side his preference is sidemount configuration and promotes this at every opportunity. His second home is our compressor room where you'll find him at the end of the day filling your cylinders for tomorrows dive.


Anne Furuya - IDC Staff Instructor

Anne from Japan!! We’ve got a Japanese instructor.


Oz - French Instructor 

Gaylord Bouet - MSDT Instructor

Gaylord (aka Oz) is our French Instructor and the newest member of the team.



Jacques 'Cousteau' Whitehead

Jacques is now 5 years old and is loveable whether he has your flip flop, your towel, or one of your socks - he is completely irresistible! He loves swimming and cooling off in the wash baths during summer and greets divers in the morning to see if they have sneaked any sausages from breakfast for him ... loves all sorts of treats and is the best behaved dog ever when food is around - part of the family !! Follow him on Facebook ;-)

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