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During these unprecedented times we would like to offer some FREE webinars and Training…

  •  so if you have postponed your training
  • still considering what to do next
  • need a bit of a refresher
  • have some valid points to add
  • or just interested

…then please click the link to send a request to join the webinar. You will receive confirmation and
a link for the session.


Mon 4th May CCR – User Level Course (Level 1/MOD1) 2pm (CET/Malta)

Tues 5th May OC – Valve drill/shutdown/Fault finding Discussion 2pm (CET/Malta)

Weds 6th May CCR – Normoxic Trimix Level (MOD2) 2pm (CET/Malta)

Thurs 7th May Scooters or DPV 2pm (CET/Malta)

Fri 8th May Decompression – history and choices! 2pm (CET/Malta))