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Meet the DiveWise Team


Alan Whitehead - Platinum Course Director

Platinum Course Director for last 8 years (from the start!) and the only resident Platinum CD in Malta. Been diving for over 25 years, originally through CMAS but moved to PADI in mid 1990's and never looked back.

Previously owned The Diving Academy for 10 years along with Viv which was a great success in the Manchester and Liverpool areas and often organised holidays and IDC's to Malta using Divewise as their base. They loved the centre and Maltese way of life so much they bought it !!

Alan will be able to offer Cave Diving Courses as well as Side Mount Courses when he returns from Mexico at the end of Jan 2014, so book your flights and come and join him explore the caves of Malta and Gozo.


Vivienne Whitehead - Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor - looks after all the administration and keeps the staff on their toes. If you call or email Divewise, then it will probably be Viv that you deal with and always with a smile.

Viv enjoys her diving when she gets the chance but often has to blow the cobwebs off her kit beforehand ... She prefers to run the centre making sure it all runs well, organises boats for trips and any other requests and loves to see the divers coming back later in the day with big smiles and looking at their photos - very good at recommending restaurants too for a special meal for 2 or a group affair

At the end of the day you can join her at Huggins with a Vodka and Tonic or a Drambuie on ice which does the trick to end another perfect day!


Sarah Shaw - Master Instructor

Sarah is a Master Instructor who joined us in June 2008. She created our Sea Slug Speciality Course, which we now offer at Divewise, and is our resident expert on marine-life. A valuable all-rounder, Sarah particularly enjoys teaching DPV and photography. Her husband, Howard, is also an instructor here and together, they are an impressive duo producing outstanding photographs and videos. They followed Viv and Alan to Malta from the UK and Sarah became an EFR instructor in November 2010.


Howard Shaw - Course Director

Howard joined us as a Master Instructor in September 2008 and is a valuable all rounder - enjoys teaching Fight Against Debris, Photography and DPV Specialties.....he also achieved a goal by becoming an EFR Instructor Trainer in Nov 2010 and can also teach Gas Blender & Tec 40 Courses for our Technical Divers; another few strings to his bow.

Now a newly qualified Course Director this opens up many avenues for him looking after all the Divemaster Interns and keeping the staff up to date with the Training Bulletins from PADI and brings any changes into play keeping us top of the game for our divers..... he has so much knowledge he is always ready at hand to make courses and daily routines run efficiently & smoothly


Stephen Scerri - IDC Staff Instructor

Stephen did his Open Water Course with 3 friends back in April 2009 and went on to complete his Advanced and some specialties. He soon became addicted to his new hobby and was soon a Rescue Diver too. There was no surprise when he soon signed up for his Divemaster and then went on to the IDC in April 2010 - he passed with flying colours and had the biggest smile ever!! He now enjoys teaching for Divewise on the weekends or happy to take out the night divers on pleasure dives or the Night Specialty. Stephen teaches with passion and great care and always has the divers coming out of the water with his infectious smile!!


Lee Stevens - MSDT Instructor / Tec Instructor

Lee was a regular customer to DiveWise and visited once or twice per year as he enjoyed diving with us and loved the dives sites Malta had to offer. Eventually he decided it was time to make a career move and trained with us to become a PADI Instructor as well as pursing his diving on the technical side. Today Lee has the choice of both worlds being a MSDT Instructor and also a Tec Deep Instructor, he has proved to become a great member to the team always creating a jolly atmosphere


Juan Carols Garcia - Specialty Instructor

We first met Juan when he came from EC Language School, he enjoyed the service and atmosphere we provided along with the great diving. A week later he then joined us for an Internship helping in the afternoons and weekends to earn his IDC later in the year. 3 years on he is a well liked member of our team and looks after all the Spanish clients along with other nationalities that come to dive with us.

Pau Aziz Dalit - Staff Instructor


Pau is from Spain and came to Divewise back in 2009 for his Divemaster Internship..... we had lots of fun helping him with his English phrases and pronounciation. He became an Instructor in May 2010 and stayed with us for 2 seasons gaining his Staff Instructor before heading off to Spain for a few years catching up with family & friends.....he always wanted to do some Tec Diving so we arranged a Tec 40 Course for him which he loved then realized how much he had missed Divewise, Malta and the Team and returned in March this year - it's great to have him back and feels like he has never been away. Since then he has contributed alot to the centre and assisted on the latest IDC with Howard..... a great happy smile always greets you when you arrive and divers have enjoyed having him as their Instructor & Guide.



Michael Tandy – Specialty Instructor

After training as a Divemaster with us Michael left us at a loss for while when he returned home as he was a complete natural and made our days here very easy, he always thought ahead and had the divers organised ready for their courses or pleasure dives for the Instructor he was assisting. He came back to do his IDC and stayed to do a season for us in 2015 and became a much appreciated member of the team.


Andrea Castello - Specialty Instructor

Made in Italy, Andrea is a charming character and after finishing his Divemaster Internship he stayed with us to train for his Instructor Course in Nov. He knows the popular dive sites like the back of his hand and is a valued member of our team. Next year will be an exciting one when he can start teaching clients to dive with a little guidance from our Staff Instructors - hopefully we can learn a little more Italian too.


Jordan Morley - OWSI Instructor / Boat Captain

Jordan enjoys the best of both worlds by being an OWSI Instructor when he is not driving our boat. He has been our boat captain taking divers out to all the wrecks and giving them briefings for their safety, once finished he would come to the centre in the afternoon to teach any courses helping the team here or guiding dives - always laughing and joking providing lots of entertainment to clients.


Alana Mifsud - Marketing Executive 

Originally from Malta's sister island, Gozo. She is fairly new to our dive centre, but we intend on teaching her everything there is to know about diving! Alana is the go to person with regards to Social Media, Advertising and any other type of Marketing Material. 


Jasper Mulder - MSDT Instructor


Jasper enjoyed his diving with us one summer then came back to do his Divemaster Internship.... he stayed on and joined the other candidates on the IDC and passed with flying colours
After spending the winter in Thailand he came back to Divewise to join the team again....so he comes in handy with Dutch clients and speaks some German too

With that lovely mop of blonde hair and big smile he has become our "Cool Diving Dude" and is a pleasure to have around


Jacques 'Cousteau' Whitehead - Head of Security

Jacques is now 5 years old and is loveable whether he has your flip flop, your towel, or one of your socks - he is completely irresistible! He loves swimming and cooling off in the wash baths during summer and greets divers in the morning to see if they have sneaked any sausages from breakfast for him ... loves all sorts of treats and is the best behaved dog ever when food is around - part of the family !! Follow him on Facebook


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