ficis formis sponge

Sarah Shaw’s Marine Species Log – Ficis Formis Sponge

Hello everybody, glad you could join me again. Now to continue enlightening you about the Mediterranean marine life.Last time I talked about Aplysina Aerophoba, a sponge which is fairly common. So now we will look at another specimen called Petrosia Ficiforms. (more…)

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Sarah Shaw’s Marine Species Log – Sponges


Great to have you back! Now, following on from my first blog . . . . Aplysina Aerophobas form characteristic bright yellow masses of stubby projections, which when taken out of the water turn dark blue-black. The sponges are compressible and feel rubbery but please don’t try this! It is a Mediterranean species which penetrates into the Atlantic along the coasts of Portugal and NW Spain. What is she talking about I hear you say? (more…)

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Corals – Sarah Shaw’s Marine Species Log

Marine Life

As some of you will know, I have become the go to person at Divewise to ask about marine life. Why do I know so much? I don’t! I’m just interested in animals in general and anything that lives under the surface. If anything can harbour creatures, be it natural or manmade, it will attract me to explore it. (more…)

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Life and Dives of Vivienne “Scuba” Whitehead

As you all might have read previously, Viv AKA Boss Lady, had her first casual refresher dive with Jasper a couple of days ago.  She thoroughly enjoyed that dive and decided her next step was dry suit diving, for the first time in many years. All in preparation for a return to probably the best recreational wreck in Malta, Um El Faroud of course. (more…)

Taking the Boss for a dive – Yikes ! – Part 2

As you all know Vivienne Whitehead or Viv as we all call her, owns Divewise Malta along with her husband Alan Whitehead. Viv is the lovely lady who answers all your e-mails with regards to diving with Divewise and is always willing to answer your questions when you are at the dive center. Viv spends most of her time in the office, so she doesn’t have much time to go diving with us, but last week that all changed. (more…)

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First Dive After a Perforated Ear Drum – Part 1

Diving for the first time after perforating my ear drum in March 2019 was a bit daunting but as we are currently closed and had time on my hands, I struck up the courage to go for a dive to check it out…. Our local doctor confirmed the hole had sealed up about 2 months ago but I did leave it for a year to be on the safe side. (more…)

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What we get up to while we are quiet at the centre – Part 2

As the centre is quite big and on 2 levels there is a lot of work that needs doing each year to make it presentable for all the clients each year normally after the winter weather.


Malta Wreck – X127 Manoel Island

All divers love wrecks. We are looking for information about position, diving conditions and most important, hazards related while diving on them.  But what about the history of the vessel before it sunk? Isn’t diving the wreck more interesting when we know more about it? Let me tell you the story about the X127 which is a very popular and accessible wreck on Maltese Islands.  (more…)

merkanti reef

The Mystery of Merkanti Reef

As we dive into this mystery we learn that there’s more to the story than meets the eye. The ocean is vast and it holds a number of secrets waiting to be discovered, we just have to take the time to find them. On and around a little island located in the heart of the Mediterranean called Malta we learn that the beautiful sea around this little island has a story to tell, and secrets waiting to be found.  (more…)

deco diving alan

Decompression Diving

Decompression Diving

As we become more adventurous, whilst diving do we ever think to know what lies deeper, or do we have the thought: “I wish I could spend more time on the bottom”, a lot of people ask, why would I want to dive to 40 meters if I can only stay there for 9 minutes, when It comes to decompression a lot of people shiver at the mention of it, but that’s because most divers don’t understand it, in this blog we Jump into the detail of decompression and its advantages. (more…)