MV Imperial Eagle

Imperial Eagle
Imperial Eagle Location

The Imperial Eagle

Location: Just off Qawra Point, Malta

Description: Gozo Ferry

Length: 45 metres

Beam: 9.2 metres

Weight: 257 gross tons.

Depth: 42 metres to the sea floor (138 feet)

Visibility: 20 metres (65 feet)

Location: Just off Qawra Point, Malta

Description: Ferry Between Malta and Gozo


The Imperial Eagle was built by J. Crown & Sons Ltd, in Sunderland England and powered by two diesel oil engines manufactured by Crossley Bros Ltd. When first launched in 1938 until 1947 she was named ‘New Royal Lady’, than in 1948 it was known as ‘Royal Lady’ and thereafter in 1958 as ‘Crested Eagle’. Whilst in Malta, the Imperial Eagle was owned by a Gozitan family. The Imperial Eagle wreck, situated just off Qawra Point in Malta was a ferry that voyaged between Malta and Gozo for a time.She carried about 70 passengers and 10 cars. It’s first voyage was in 1958 where it remained on the Mgarr to Marfa route untill the year of 1968. That year it was later taken out of commission and was then used for transporting cargo and animals from Gozo to Valletta and vice versa.

In 1995 she was sold to the local Maltese diving community on the 28th of November. The Imperial Eagle was to be scuttled as an attraction for divers, making it a part of an Underwater Marine Park Project. Four years later, in 1999, she was scuttled at a depth of 40 metres, half a kilometer out from Qawra Point.

The wreck today looks fantastic, sitting upright in the sand. If you have time, don’t forget to visit the magnificent statue of Jesus Christ that was blessed by Pope John Paul II before sinking to its new location.

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