Diving Hacks – Part 1

Over the course of the coming weeks. Some of our blogs will revolve around Diving Hacks, whether they help you in a sticky situation or just for your own knowledge, these tips and little tricks are definitely worth looking into.

1  – using your wedding band \ ring to alert for help by banging it onto your cylinder is a great way to signal your buddy underwater

2 – use inexpensive S Hooks to hang your wet gear \ towels for them to dry quicker. Just hang it on the bathroom door or shower.

3 – buying carpet shampoo to take the stink out of your wetsuit for when you pee in it….even though no one admits it! It´s a good way of covering your tracks 😉

4 – how about using your scuba mask to chop onions for dinner? It will stop the pesky fumes that make you cry from getting into your eyes and nose.

5 – need to remove an O-ring from a tank but have no tools? Don´t fret….there´s another way. Just turn off the cylinder, purge the reg out approx 500 to 700 psi and undo the yoke screw. The O-Ring will fall out after you hear a pop.

6 – use a magic eraser to clean dive slate. And yes, this also works underwater. Cut up smaller pieces of eraser and put them in your accessory pocket 

Stay tuned for more Diving Hacks in the future…..In the meantime, have a look at our other articles! 

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