HMS Hellespont

The HMS Hellespont was built in England and started operating on 10th May 1910. However after only just one year, she was moved to Malta, where she operated around the islands’ waters for the better part of 20 years.

HMS Hellespont is one of the World War II Wrecks that are scattered around the Maltese Islands. While in the Grand Harbour of Valletta, it was struck during an air raid by a German/Italian Aircraft in 1942 on the 7th of April. Once the war had subsided, the remains of the Hellespont were scuttled off Rinella, which is around 2 miles outside of the Grand Harbour, during a clear up of the harbour and the remains of what was left from the war.

She was a steam powered tug boat. At 46m long and overall intact, except for the front bow which was completely destroyed and is no longer attached to the wreck, it is a fairly new discovery compared to other wrecks. It was found by some divers in mid 1999. There she lies, sitting upright on a bit of a rocky bottom bottom. The maximum depth at which she lies is 41m and a minimum depth of 35m. An interesting fact is that before it was scuttled, the Hellespont was partially restored and filled with debris left from the war, so remains like stones and other masonry can be found on and around the wreck.

It is important to note that it does not sit at a depth where fairly new divers are able to dive……to visit this beauty you need to at least have a qualification of PADI Deep Diver Specialty or equivalent.


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