Diving Hacks – Part 2 (Packing and Travel)

Planning to go for a dive holiday outside of your country is not like preparing to go on a regular holiday. You must pack your equipment, bring all the relative documentation that comes alongside all of the courses you had previously done, and all in all so many things to do and remember….. but there are ways to make your life easier…

Here are a a few travelling / packing tips and hacks to help you with that:

  1.  Always take a picture of your passport, just in case!
  2. Carry a water bottle and keep refilling at water fountains to avoid extra costs
  3. Travel insurance is a must! You don’t know what could happen
  4. Always travel with some cash denominations, you don’t want to be getting change for a 100 everywhere you go
  5. Carry a foldable bag with you insidr your luggage, if you decide to buy something extra, you can always check it in as extra luggage
  6. Store your fragile equipment in a large plastic jar or container so that none of them get lost or struch during transit. OR store your mask and other small things inside your fins so that they stay put, apart from being readily accessible for your next dive!
  7. Getting a TSA PreCheck on your luggage saves so much time and stress.
  8. Be sure to pack a jacket, neck pillow and headphones for those long haul flights and make them a little more bearable.
  9. Keep notes of what you took with you on this trip so that the next time you plan a dive holiday, you would already have a checklist, see what you used and eliminate the things you didn’t. Also you can refer to the checklist you packed for the trip to make sure you didnt forget anything going back home
  10. Pack some small set of tools, duct tape, cable ties and O-Rings which in a situation can save your dive
  11. Lightweight packing is the way to go. Pack an outfit for everyday in individual resealable bags so you don’t overpack
  12. For long haul flights – try booking an aisle seat at the back of the plane. Usually empty seats are middle seats towards the back. Who knows? Maybe you´ll get lucky and have the entire row to yourself for a good sleep.
  13. Check weather you need a tourist visa to enter the country you will be diving in ….best apply for it way before your scheduled trip to avoid any last minute costs or mishaps
  14. Make copies of all your documentation – flights, hotels, home address and itinerary in each individual bag you have just in case one gets lost.
  15. Having a hooded windbreaker is a must while on the boat. Don´t want to get cold after a whole day of diving!
  16. Better to exchange your cash to local currency through ATM´s than a currency exchange office. You will get better rates.

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