Divewise – PADI 100% Project Aware Partner


We have some amazing news! We´ve become a PADI 100% AWARE Partner. What does this mean?

Let´s start with explaining what AWARE stands for. It stands for Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education. We feel it is imperative that people failiarise themselves with this term, because many people have heard about it, but do not know it´s purpose or aren´t really that knowledgeable about it.

It was formed in the year of 1989 which has now become one of the biggest if not the biggest movement of scuba divers around the world.

Their slogan is “Protecting Our Ocean Planet – One Dive at a Time”. They focus on the critical issues of Marine Debris. It is a non-profit organization which empowers thousands of divers all over the world, in 180 countries to dive together to help clean, protect, preserve our planet´s oceans.

What is Divewise doing to contribute towards this movement? 

By joining Project Aware as one of its partners, we have become part of a growing number of other centres who are putting the preservation and protection of our oceans at the heart of our business. From the year of 2018 we will be making donations on behalf of our clients that go towards protecting our oceans which we love exploring so much. In return our clients will get a limited edition 100% Project Aware Card.

“We are extremely happy to become a part of this wonderful cause as a Dive Centre. We´ve always been conscious about protecting the precious waters around the Islands, and participated in Project AWARE activities, like hosting clean-ups, we just made it official. We´ve also Adopted a Dive Site! Proud is an understatement when we have now joined Project AWARE´s mission to create a global force of divers to protect our oceans. Divewise has always done it´s utmost in every aspect and this will be no different. Lets make a difference together!” – Viv and Alan (Owners).

You could join the global movement! Just visit the Project AWARE website here and sign up.

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