E-Learning during COVID-19

Keep your diving education going via E-Learning

As COVID-19 becomes the most talked about subject in 2020, we as a Dive Centre felt the need to address this topic. As most of our clients already know on the 15th of March we decided that our beloved Dive Centre would close until further notice. However, we are keen on keeping our customers updated with what is going on with our Centre, our staff and even our furry friends! 

Our promise to you is that we will continue to give our clients educational material, informational articles, blog posts and also newsletters with any updates happening during the time when we are closed. On another note, don’t be discouraged. We too feel the sea’s calling and greatly miss it, however, we urge you to keep positive, and that we will once again feel its fresh droplets on our skin. 

In the meantime….to keep yourselves busy and / or maybe pick-up a new hobby if you are bored at home – E learning is an amazing way to start your course and get the educational part out of the way, in the comfort of your own home! That is….now that you have so much time on your hands – it’s a no brainer. 

Have you dreamt of doing a course you’ve been wishing to start for a long time or even if you’re new to the scene….get the classroom part done and dusted so that when we are all able to travel again, we can take you diving ASAP! No time to waste – let’s get our feet wet as soon as we are able! 

With PADI’s new Touch programs, almost all courses are accessible through E-Learning. 

Where are you at with your certifications? Have a look to see if what’s next for you is available…..You know you want to! 

Here are a few courses that can be done completely online:

Nitrox Specialty 
Rescue Course theory
Open Water Course Theory

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