Freediving Techniques and Kit

In a previous post we’ve talked about what freediving is. In this post we’ll be tackling what TECHNIQUES one needs to be familiar with and what kit you’ll be needing to freedive.

Basics of the techniques used for freediving are commonly the practice of holding your breath and building resistance to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the body.

Moreover, a course in Freediving will teach you how to breath hold and explains to you what is happening to your body when it reacts to CO2. On another note, it will also teach you how to hold your breath beyond your normal comfort zone and how to rise back to the surface and start breathing normally again after the dive.

As for GEAR different situations require different items of equipment. Depending on where you are, if you’re in colder weather then a wetsuit. Also a dive mask is essential for freedivers to plan out their route back up to the surface. There are also 2 types of fins which freedivers use:

  1. The By Fin where you have one on each foot.
  2. The Monofin, where a diver has both feet in one large fin – mimicking a dolphin like movement.

It is said that By fins are more common with recreational Freedivers and monofins are more efficient for those who wish to go deeper or cover more ground faster.

Where can you freedive?Be sure to stick around to find out.

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