Pre Dive Safety Check

No matter of your diving level proficiency, the Pre-Dive Buddy Safety Check should be performed by any and every diver. The check is carried out by a Scuba Diver and his or her Dive Buddy before descending for a dive as a final pre equipment inspection. What makes it such an important element of safety is making sure both your and your buddy´s equipment are working perfectly. Also familiarising yourself with your buddy´s equipment will aid you in assisting or receiving assistance from him \ her.

We hear that most diving incidents could be avoided should the pre-dive check been done properly, however, despite all the warnings and shared awareness over this issue is overlooked and not given enough importance, so divers rush the process to start their descend. All of us at Divewise know how important a pre-dive check is. Especially when it comes to dealing with equipment we give to our clients. Always do your checks before descending, since there is no guarantee that nothing will falter.

PADI´s best acronym for remembering what to look at during your pre-dive check is BWRAF. This stands for:

buddy checkB – BCD & Buoyancy – check your buoyancy compensator and make sure it inflates and deflates correctly.

W – Weights / Belt –  Make sure your buddy´s weight belt is fastened and secured properly with the ties loosely tucked in so that is easily reachable.

R – Releases –  Have a look at your buddy´s BCD and make sure it is secured properly along with all other belts.

A – Air – Check to see whether your buddy´s air is fully turned all the way, (not half open – it is no longer a safe practice) and take a couple of breaths in while looking at the pressure gauge to see that it is working. See that the tank is full of air and that there are no leaks. To go a step further you can check your buddy´s alternate air source as well by taking a few breaths in yourself.

F – Final OK – After checking almost everything, the last step is to take a visual look at the rest of your equipment, like mask, snorkel and fins, compass and especially your dive computer before signaling the OK for descent.


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