Scuba Diving Habits to Quit

We all get careless when we get used to doing something often, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it! From time to time, we don’t even realise that we’ve picked up a habit, hence the reason it’s called a habit. This article calls attention to Those habits for you to be made aware that you probably are guilty of one or two….

Firstly, Buddy Checks are one of the most important steps when planning to go on a dive. If you skip the Buddy Check then there is a great chance that problems will then arise while you are in the water. If you want to learn how to avoid any problems or adapting to the current situation, PADI Rescue Diver course will help you to maintain your cool and learn to handle all types of situations. But as we all know, the best way to avoid any mishaps is to follow protocol and do the Pre-Dive Check.Digital Underwater Photography Course

Bad Habit number 2 is Photographing everything you see but getting no good quality shots. Having expensive equipment is one thing. However if you don’t know how to manage good photos is another story! Underwater photo basics are a must, no matter what your level of diving is and/or experience with your equipment. Especially for marine life etiquette. Our Underwater Photography Course can teach you how to do just that!

Number 3….Make sure you are wearing the best exposure protection for your body. We can agree that everyone’s reaction to change in temperature is different. It all depends on you as an individual what you feel comfortable in. Making sure that you have a good suit insures that you wont feel cold and have to abort in the middle of a dive. If you want to get to know more about which dry / wet suit is best for you and the diving conditions you seek to explore, have a look at our PADI Drysuit Diver specialty.

Moving on to Number 4; carrying weights is already a hassle in itself. Imagine carrying more weight than you’re supposed to….your body will be working harder than it’s supposed to. Your breathing will be much faster and overall, is just going to make you tired quicker and consume more air faster as well. Check out our Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course to learn all about the ideal weight for you.

EquipmentHabit Number 5 – Checking your equipment! You won’t be the first diver to have gone abroad, spent all your money on a great diving adventure across the world, only to find problems with your equipment…this is why servicing all your gear frequently, especially before an upcoming trip is essential. Get in touch with us if you’re thinking of doing an Equipment Specialist Course to help you get to know your own gear and help you to maintain your gear at a basic level. Make sure to log your mainentance/servicing on your ScubaEarth Profile.

These 5 essential courses will have you good and ready to kick those bad habits aside, and dive safely, warm, with great serviced equipment and photograph the underwater world at your leisure!

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