Taking the Boss for a dive – Yikes ! – Part 2

As you all know Vivienne Whitehead or Viv as we all call her, owns Divewise Malta along with her husband Alan Whitehead. Viv is the lovely lady who answers all your e-mails with regards to diving with Divewise and is always willing to answer your questions when you are at the dive center. Viv spends most of her time in the office, so she doesn’t have much time to go diving with us, but last week that all changed.

I had the pleasure to take Viv out for a dive on our House Reef or known as Merkanti Reef. As she hadn’t dived for over a year our plan was to get back in the shallows and do a clean-up along the way. Viv brought along her Project A.W.A.R.E clean up bag as I had my camera so I could capture some shots of Viv picking up any trash we found on Merkanti Reef. 

Before the dive I was a bit nervous. Who wouldn’t be? As you are taking your boss out for a dive. Thinking that she would keep an eye on me if I was doing everything correct. I failed before we even started the dive.  I gave her two left-handed gloves. Thankfully, she could laugh about it, lucky me right.

During our dive we didn’t come cross a lot of trash. Which is a good thing for us, meaning that Merkanti Reef is a clean reef and that we do a good job to keep our house reef clean. Our dive was around an hour, I had good practice with my camera as I’m really into underwater photography. Divers, fish, or wrecks it doesn’t matter for me. As long as I have my camera with me, I’m happy.

Altogether it was a pleasant dive with Viv, the Boss. I would certainly take Viv out for another dive, if she is up for that and not mad at me for giving her two left-handed gloves. Definitely a good dive buddy, nice and relaxed.

A few days later I showed her the photos I took during our dive, it put a smile on her face, meaning I could stay a few more weeks at Divewise and my job was safe. I don’t think she will let me forget about the 2 left handed gloves though for a while and she gave me Muppet of the Day Award. 

Until our next dive Viv! In the meantime click on the photos below to check out their dive. 

Jasper Mulder (Check out his Facebook Page here!)

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