The Azure Window

Over these past several days, The Maltese Islands have experienced gale force winds and yesterday Gozo suffered a great loss to it’s natural environment.0d281630217147.563bf1296047b The Azure Window in Dwejra, has collapsed.

There are some who were lucky enough to have visited, however it is a shame our future generations will not be able to witness one of the most iconic landmark and tourist attraction our tiny islands had to offer.

The reason for the collapse of this natural structure is due to the weather we’ve had these last few days, battering the rocks with no mercy, further weakening the structure. However it is fitting to say that natural erosion over many many years was the main cause the window collapsing. There are other speculations however about why the window gave way. Authorities recently tried to protect the arch from 12071130_1658233761132958_1954641529_ntrespassing tourists, not only for the dangers and fearing for peoples’ lives but also because we already knew it was inevitable according to a geological study conducted back in 2013, that it will succumb to the forces of nature.

Through that study it was said that the structure was in no immediate danger and should not have fallen so soon. The prediction that the structure was supposed to last for another few years was basically correct however, no one knew the condition of the base of the pillar, so once that had moved, it literally took everything with it.

Apparently the Government of Malta wishes to have the Azure Window memorialized and has issued an international call for suggestions. See more info here.

dwejra no window close up

Click here to view a video commemorating our lost landmark that was loved by many.

With regards to diving, little is know until weather conditions have improved.

On another note, people are still hopeful. We might have lost one window, but be rest assured that Gozitans always have a plan B.  There is a similar window situated in the Village of Gharb in Gozo. The valley in which it is situated is called Wied il-Mielah, where one can find said the second window. Click here for the exact location.

Below is a photo of the window in Wied il-Mielah. Not that it should substitute in any way the Azure window which we lost so recently. One could only hope that NGO’s, or government will preserve this rock formation in the near future so it won’t suffer the same fate.


EDIT: The Azure Window collapsed and created a new Dive Site which is now known as the Azure Rocks and is now one of the attractions when visiting the Blue Hole in Gozo. This is fast becoming a must visit site when scuba diving in Malta.

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