The Leymor

We are pretty sure, that those of you who live in Malta must have spotted this big yellow boat navigating through the Maltese waters by now. 🙂 It just sticks out….!!

It is more than just a big yellow boat however….It is a custom built catamaran designed by Graham Knott an English diver, boat builder, Cornwall avid wreck historian and the like…The Leymor is used as a dive boat catering to all types of diving, equipment, charters.

Some fun facts about the catamaran turned dive boat are:

  • Brought over from the UK to Malta in the Summer of 2016
  • First purpose built british diving catamaran to operate in the Maltese waters
  • First dive boat in Malta with a Dive Lift
  • She’s stable, comfortable and fast
  • Large spacing both outdoors and indoors to place dive equipment comfortably
  • 12 metres long
  • Has twin 350HP Caterpillar Diesel engines giving a cruising speed of 20Knots and a top speed of 26Knots – even when fully loaded with divers and their equipment.
  • With a sun deck up top as an added bonus
  • Lastly coffee and tea are served on board, a microwave for heating up your food is also a plus and lavatories for everyone’s convenience

If you want to learn more about The Leymor, visit Wreck Finder Charters Malta website and Facebook Page. It’s great for charters, foreign and local dive group dives both recreational and technical!

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