What is E-Learning?


To break it down in simple terms, the Open Water Course includes three main steps:

  • E-Learning – This is the knowledge development section of the course, which can be completed at your leisure at home, so you do not have to spend too long in the classroom whilst on holiday!. This is an essential part of the whole course since you will be learning all the basic requirements and concepts you need to go scuba diving.
  • Confined Water Dives – will be in a confined water space, generally in a pool or confined open water area, where you will practice your skills for the first time.
  • Open-Water dives – where you will put to the test everything you have learned online and practiced in the pool.

Part 1: E-Learning

What is asked of you during the first stage is to read through the course material provided. If you were to do this during your time at theparticular dive centre you’ve chosen, you would have about 3 to 4 classroom sessions with quizzes and a final exam.

However, with independent studying and / or E-Learning, you are able to study at your own pace, and set a schedule around other daily tasks. With the help of a narrator, slides, text and videos, you will be more than ready for the practical part by the time you get to the centre!

E-Learning takes various forms. You can stay online and work from a computer, or there are downloadable versions suitable for tablets, where you only need to be online twice – once to download and once to upload your quiz results.

Some elements you will be getting used to through E-Learning are different pieces of equipment and how they aid you in scuba diving. Also to choose the gear that is best for you. This is not all. Diving theories will also be taught throughout the E-Learning stage and how to tackle different situations while diving.

After each section you will have a quick review of what you have studied so far as well as being presented with a quiz to test your knowledge on what you’ve just read. At the end of the E-Learning, there is a final quiz reviewing all you have studied.

When you arrive at your chosen dive centre, take with you the confirmation or your quiz results, which will have been emailed to you. You then do a quick review to make sure you have not forgotten anything before getting in the water!

Before you get to have a peek at the deep blue, you must first complete some confined water sessions in a pool so that dive centre staff are confident that you are ready to hit the water. 




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