Ariana Cole

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 

Ariana joined Divewise & Techwise in 2021 whilst also studying and completing research at the University of Malta. This was inspired by her interest in marine life and the ocean. Ari started diving whilst working for a Marine Science Institute in Florida. She then travelled to Cozumel in Mexico in 2018 where she completed her Cave diver course, alongside her Divemaster and Instructor courses. She had been working as an instructor in Mexico and the Dominican Republic before coming to Malta, where she has also become a technical diver. Ari will be happy to share her passion for marine life with you and show you the underwater world.

She can often be seen guiding technical diving, she just loves it when she can be underwater helping someone on their diving journey. On her spare time she loves cooking Chilean food and going for runs.

 Ariana Cole

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