MV Xlendi

MV Xlendi is one of three wrecks to dive in Gozo, Malta’s sister island. These can be found off the shore in Xatt l-Ahmar. The MV Xlendi, before being scuttled in 1999 as an attraction for scuba divers and serving as well as an artificial reef, it was actually one of the Gozo Channel ferries, transporting cars and passengers between one island and another, since it was a double-ended cargo ferry.

Lying on a sandy slope 42m deep (shore side) and 44m deep (sea side), the MV Xlendi wreck is around 80m long. The propellers being the shallowest point, one on each end at around 32m. Penetrating the wreck is not recommended due to the fact that when it was being scuttled, it hit the reef and toppled upside down. However, this site is still an amazing dive for the experienced diver. An abundance of marine life can be found all round the wreck.
On another note a car wreck could be found near to the MV Xlendi wreck towards the shore.

The other two accompanying wrecks are called MV Karewla and MV Cominoland. These two boats were also scuttled in Xatt l-Ahmar nearby at a later date, in the year 2006. MV Xlendi lies around 60m West from the MV Karwela. Moreover, all three wrecks are accessible through the shore but can also be dived by boat as well.


MV Xlendi was a train ferry built in Denmark in 1995. It’s gross weight of 1123 tons, 77m long with a beam of 12m and a height of overall 23m. Originally named MV Helsingor, and renamed as MV Royal Sheeba in 1987, a year later to MV Borgshorn. It was finally purchased by Gozo Channel Co Ltd in 1990 and changed her name to MV Xlendi. It operated between Malta and Gozo till 1997 and was then handed over to the Gozo Tourism Association to use as a diving attraction. The MV Xlendi was the first artificial reef for Gozo, however unfortunate, when scuttled on 12th Nov 1999, after being cleaned completely and some safety doors had been removed for divers to penetrate the wreck, it toppled upside down crushing all of the above deck.

Interest: Reef / Wreck
Popularity: Medium
Depth: 30m (avg), 45m (max)
Qualification: Advanced
Shore access: Medium
Location: 36.0163°N 14.2849°E (Nearby)