HMS Hellespont

HMS Hellespont was scuttled around 1.5 km from the Valletta Grand Harbour Entrance. She is another World War II wreck, one of many which are lying around Maltese waters. It was sunk during an air raid between the 6th and 7th of April 1942. After the harbour had been cleared after the air raid, the boat was scuttled off of Rinella, where she is now situated.

The first time the HMS Hellespont Wreck was discovered was on the 15th of May in 1999 by some divers. At 41 metres she sits upright on a sandy bottom at 46m long. Most of the wreck is still intact, the only exception is of 15m of the bow section, which had been completely destroyed.


HMS Hellespont Guide

Interest – Wreck
Popularity – Low
Depth – 35m (avg), 41m (max)
Qualification – Experienced
Shore access – Boat only
Location – 35.9015°N 14.5411°E (Exact)