Learn to Scuba Dive in Malta & Gozo

We offer a range of scuba diving courses from beginner to professional. If you’re visiting Malta or Gozo and want to learn to scuba dive – DiveWise is the place to do it.

Start Scuba Diving

Start Scuba Diving We offer a range of diving courses to help you start scuba diving from beginner to professional. PADI Scuba Diver CoursePADI Scuba Diver Course Short on time and long on the urge to become a certified diver? The PADI Scuba Diver certification might just be for you. This course requires less time [...]

Diving Courses

Scuba Diving Courses in Malta & Gozo Discover Your Next Adventure If you've got a basic diving qualification but want to take it further. As a certified scuba diver you’ve already experienced the thrill of exploring parts of the underwater world, but know there’s more to discover. Whether you’re looking for new dive adventures, to [...]

Instructor Level Courses

Instructor Level Courses If you've looking to make a career out of teaching people to dive. PADI Assistant Instructor CoursePADI Assistant Instructor Course As a PADI Assistant Instructor, you not only gain additional experience as a PADI Professional scuba diver, but you also start learning the PADI System of diver education. Get mentored while gaining [...]

Non Diving Courses

Non Diving Courses If you're looking for other non-diving courses we have several to choose from. Just because you aren't scuba diving right now, doesn't mean you can't learn and have fun at Divewise Malta. If you're out of the water with illness or injury, or if you enjoy swimming and snorkelling but scuba isn't [...]

Diving Requirements

Scuba Diving in Malta, Gozo & Comino Diving Rrequirements - What you need to know and what we need from you. Medical Forms Before participating in PADI courses or programs, all student divers must complete paperwork, such as a brief scuba medical questionnaire that ask about medical conditions that could be a problem while diving. [...]

Try Scuba Diving

Try Scuba Diving in Malta Your Adventure Awaits Whatever you want to do, we’ve got it covered. Whether you are wanting your first taste of scuba diving in Malta or are a seasoned diver we can help. With a team of experienced  PADI Instructors we take you on any type of guided dive you are looking [...]

You want to learn to dive, but which course is right for you?

Choosing the right diving course depends on your previous diving experience and qualifications.

If you have never dived before then we would suggest starting with one of the Start Scuba Diving Courses.  If  you already hold an Open Water Diving certification then the next step would be to expand your training to improve your buoyancy, navigation or to dive deeper.  We also offer a range of exciting Specialist Courses which give you the skills to dive deeper, longer or venture inside shipwrecks and caves.

If you have any questions about which route to take, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@divewise.com.mt