Rozi Tug Boat Wreck

Located on the North West side of Malta, the MV Rozi is one of two wrecks found in Cirkewwa along with the P29. The Rozi wreck is one of the most popular dive sites around all of the Maltese Islands.

In Cirkewwa on the northwest side of Malta, there are two wrecks, the Patrol Boat P29 wreck and the Rozi Tug Boat. Both these wrecks are popular however, the Rozi is one of the most popular among local dive centres to take clients for a dive. She operated as a tug boat within the Grand Harbour, Valletta. She was later scuttled to become an artificial reef and an attraction for scuba divers. The Tugboat wreck is an easy dive that can be accessed from shore and is located quite close to the P29.

The Rozi Tug Boat’ specifications are of 35 metres in length and lies vertical on a sandy bottom. Her mast is at 20 metres deep and the wreck is lies somewhere between 30 and 40 metres of water. She is as close as 130m from the entry point; stern pointing towards the reef and its bow outwards towards the deep. The wreck is still quite unharmed, it is only missing it’s engine and propeller which were detached before scuttling.

The MV Rozi Wreck is penetrable from various entrances, and while on the dive, the Cirkewwa Arch (depending on certain factors) might be included in the dive!

Tugboat Rozi wreck history

Built in Bristol, England and was launched in 1958. It’s specifications are around 33 metres in length and as for it’s beam, up to 8.5 metres. After working in Liverpool working for Johnston-Warren Line Ltd and was originally named MV Rossmore. Then was renamed MV Rossgarth while working for Rea Towing Company in 1969. Moreover, in 1972 she was bought by Mifsud Brothers Ltd and sailed to Malta from Liverpool. While in Malta she operated as a tug boat for Malta Ship Towage Ltd. Finally she had later been sold to Tug Malta and renamed MV Rozi.

The Rozi Tugboat worked for 20 years up until the year of 1992. After that she had been decomissioned and was bought by Captain Morgan Cruises. Her use came to an end when she was scuttled on the 10th of September 1992 off Cirkewwa – which is now an artifical reef for divers to enjoy. She is one of the most dived wrecks in Malta.

MV Rozi Guide

  • Interest: Reef/Wreck
  • Popularity: High
  • Depth: 20m (avg), 34m (max)
  • Qualification: Advanced
  • Shore access: Easy
  • Location: 35.9898°N 14.3269°E (Nearby)