Instructor Development Course 2021

Instructor Course 2021


Instructor Development Course Enrollment :

  • 10th June
  • November

Instructor Development Course Exams:

  • 17/18th June
  • 12th &13th November


Please ensure:
  1. You have completed the EFR Instructor Course - if not we can arrange this PRIOR to the IDC. Please let us know ASAP
  2. The IDC theory and materials are ONLINE. This is via a code to download the IDC Crew Pack onto iPad, tablet, PC or even mobile.

The knowledge MUST be done before the IDC starts.  If you need the IDC Pack/Codes then please let us know now! This will give you plenty of time to study 

IDC May 2021

Materials & Fees

You will need to pay the following:

  1. IDC Fees - € 795 - this is reduced from the normal € 999
  2. PADI IDC Materials / Online Crewpack - Normal Retail Price is € 790 but through Divewise, you can get for only € 495
  3. The PADI IE and Registration fees are the same prices everywhere- so it doesn't matter where or when you do the Exam (but maybe the price may increase in the future)
  4. IE Fees - € 640 + Tax
  5. IDC Registration - € 185 + Tax
  6. EFRI Manual € 165

In Total:

  • IDC - € 795
  • Materials - € 495
  • PADI IE Fees/ registration - € 825

If you need any help with logistics, obtaining materials, arranging dives to meet prerequisites, EFR Instructor certification etc...Contact and we will be happy to explain and help where possible

IDC May 2021

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