Aqua Lung Liquid Grip 3mm Gloves

Aqua Lung Liquid Grip 3mm Gloves

Aqua Lung

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Aqua Lung Liquid Grip 3mm Gloves


The Aqua Lung Liquid Grip 3mm Gloves are made for comfort and usability. The liquid rubber seams prevent water transfer and thread fraying. The X-tend cuffs are fused to make a durable edge which won't reduce stretch and the embossed grip makes you much less likely to drop your expensive dive knife.

Aqua Lung Liquid Grip 5mm Gloves Features:

  • An embossed grip that won't slip
  • Liquid rubber-coated seams prevent water transfer
  • X-tend fused cuffs for added durability
  • Available in 3mm and 5mm neoprene
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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