Aqua Lung X1 Starter Pack (Glacier)
Aqua Lung X1 Starter Pack (Glacier)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Aqua Lung X1 Starter Pack (Glacier)

Aqua Lung X1 Starter Pack (Glacier)

Aqua Lung

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Aqua Lung X1 Starter Pack (Glacier)

The Aqua Lung X1 Starter Pack is a fantastic bundle suitable for both beginners and experts, offering Aqua Lung's most popular mask, fins, boots and bag at unbeatable value.

Aqua Lung Phazer Fin in Glacier

From beginner to expert, the Aqua Lung Phazer fin comes with its revolutionary composite wave rib technology, providing the perfect balance for divers to produce powerful kicks with easy but energy-maximising movements. Designed and produced with a tri-material construction and an advanced canalisation system, everything about this fin is engineered to optimise the energy you load and release with every kick.

Aqua Lung Reveal X1 Mask in Glacier

The Aqua Lung Reveal X1 Mask offers you innovative features that make this dive mask Aqua Lung's most comfortable and best-fitting mask. Created after years of research and testing, the Reveal X1 is a premium diving mask that delivers ultra-comfort and a perfect fit thanks to both a super soft, top quality crystal-clear silicone and an ergonomic skirt profile.

The new buckles, attached directly to the silicone skirt, feature a single quick-button release system and the mask is equipped with an innovative spherical silicone headband strap to help the diver create the perfect leak-free fit. The large operating button is easily activated, even with thick gloves.

Aqua Lung Mesh Bag in Glacier

This Aqua Lung Mesh bag is ideal to store and transport your gear on the way to the pool and for all your upcoming dive trips. You will be able to easily differentiate your kit more easily as each diver has their own coloured bag. In the world post-COVID-19, each diver needs to separate their gear to reduce risks.

Aqua Lung Boot

You will get an Aqua Lung 5mm neoprene boot with your bundle. We have priced the pack to include the basic boot, however, you may get an upgrade depending on size availability

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This bundle comes in the following colours (click the colour tabs to see your bundle):

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Glacier
  • Pink
  • Yellow
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