SS Margit Wreck

The SS Margit Wreck sits in a shallow depth of 22m, on a silty bottom in Kalkara Creek. It can be found parallel to the shore. It is a World War II wreck dive and was a Panamanian steam passenger boat which was built in 1942.

In an air raid on the 19th of April 1941, she was hit and sunk to the east of the Grand Harbour in Valletta. Another name for the wreck is the MV Odile. At 100m long she is considerably broken. Her funnel and 2 masts have been removed by explosives. Regarding the dive, unfortunately the visibility is not particularly good since marine traffic is very busy in and out of the Harbour.


SS Margit Wreck Guide

  • Interest – Wreck
  • Popularity – Low
  • Depth – 16m (avg), 24m (max)
  • Qualification – Advanced
  • Shore access – Easy
  • Location – 35.8912°N 14.5222°E (Nearby)