To further promote less use of plastic towards becoming a more sustainable Centre, we’ve implemented recycle bins for all the staff and clients to use.

As the sun was out one time we decided to clean up our little beach area & adopted site this afternoon and collected plastic bottles, polystyrene, rope, drift wood and a flip flop. Everything was logged by Prescillia one of our Dive Against Debris Instructors and details will be sent to the PADI Project Aware Team….
Jack was excited to help too 


We’ve already become a 100% Project Aware Partner, adopted a dive site, organized clean ups, set up recycling bins at our Centre and now….We are going to eliminate plastic bottles as much as we can with your help and in return, give you something to remember your time with us and reuse it wherever possible.

Behold – our new reusable Chilly water flasks available for €20.00 each. We’ve also set up water dispensers inside the Centre for you to refill your awesome flask up to 10 times for FREE!

divewise chilly bottles