A year working with Divewise – Alana


My name is Alana Mifsud, and I am originally from Gozo (Malta’s sister Island).

It’s already been a year since I’ve started working with Divewise, and all I can say is….I’ve never been happier! I came across working with Alan and Viv through some connections, and boy am I happy I was approached with that opportunity.

I am the Marketing and Social Media executive to Divewise, which has so many perks! I was never in the diving scene before this job and I will admit to you, dear readers that I have not yet been diving ever! (Shameful, I know) However, you can be rest assured that I have been asked by almost all staff including Alan and Viv on when I will do my first Open Water Course, or at least a Shallow Dive. I will do it soon, I promise!

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about my time at Divewise so far, and introduce myself properly to our devoted clients and newcomers as well, after hiding in the shadows for a whole year! Working for Divewise is definitely more than a handful, however, I do mean that in the best way possible….I have learnt so much on the whole about the diving community in general and have made a few friends along the way.  Including non-human friends like; Marble our newest addition to the cat family that Viv and Sarah care for at the centre and how could anyone ever forget our beloved Jacques, the mascot of the whole business!

I must say, I do respect my bosses very much and they are the sweetest people I’ve ever met, which is definitely a bonus and one of the biggest reasons why a workplace strives; keeping staff happy; I can see is the case with all other staff members in the centre. Hey, even the animals are happy! They are such dedicated people and are amazing at showing their clients they are important. Apart from being friendly, respectful and caring towards everyone’s needs. It’s like having one huge family, which is not actually your family, but you know what I mean. 😉 Even though I am not at the centre as much as the other staff, I still feel that sense of belonging, which is very rare, in a sense.

I’ve discovered, read and learnt so much just by taking care of most of the social media pages and blogs related to the business. I hope in a way these articles and content have served their purpose and were meaningful to most of our readers who might find that they entail great tips for beginner divers (believe me I was learning with you) or maybe a refresher for those who have been diving longer.

I would like to put out there, that if you have a certain topic which you would like us to cover in our blog, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly and hopefully we can provide enough information for a sufficient and informative blog post for everyone’s benefit.

I would absolutely love to hear from you and maybe meet you in person someday when you are out at the centre.



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