Dive Computers – Why do we need them?

While you are doing your Open Water Course you were most definitely taught how to use Dive Tables. Truth be told, how many of us use these tables today?


Suunto Zoop

That’s because dive computers exist today, which does all the calculating for you. Mind you, the tables are still largely important should anything go wrong with your dive computer DURING an actual dive….

The worst thing you can do, is literally not have a computer at your disposal, or even worse, not use a dive table at all, even without a computer and solely relying on your instructor, Divemaster or buddy, which is seriously frightening stuff and we highly think that this is definitiely something you should not do!

Everyone has their own opinion on what to use and at what stage of diving, however, today dive computers have become so common and so easily purchasable that it doesn’t make sense not to have one.

sunto zoop novo computer

Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer

Computers aid you in diving longer – when you dive, and calculate on the dive tables you’ve learnt, these assume that you will stay at the same depth during the entire dive, which we all know is rarely the case. A dive computer constantly recalculates, following you everywhere you go, including your profile, how deep, shallow, how fast you move, and your time at those depths.

p.s – When diving with Nitrox it’s even more important to have a computer of your own. This is because it will help to calculate the best mix for your dive or give you the maximum depth for the particular gas you are using. Notwithstanding the fact that when using Nitrox, you are able to dive for longer, meaning it is even more important to track your depth and time precisely. We are a Nitrox only dive Centre. Don’t have a dive computer of your own? Don’t fret…..you can hire one from us. 


Suunto D4i Dive Computer

Safe Dives – eliminating human error through dive tables make computers all the more worthwhile. We’re not saying that dive computers don’t have glitches, but if there are other divers with other computers it’s highly unlikely that other computers will have wrong readings at the same time. It’s also important to make sure that you change the batteries of your computer before a holiday or have a spare battery in your tool box.

Logs Your Dives –  almost all dive computers today, store and log dives. Hook them up to a PC to save all the information of each individual dive for later use. The software also gives you other information such as tissue absorption, and your breathing (SAC) rate if your computer has an optional transmitter that transmits the pressure in your cylinder.

No longer costly – as mentioned earlier, dive computers today are more reasonably priced. Obviously there are different ranges of dive computers, so it depends on the cost and rather what features you would like. If you’re going on the technical route, technical computers will also do recreational. Buy the right one first! Have a good look-around to find the right price for the right computer that suits you.


Suunto D6i Dive Computer

We strongly recommend everyone uses a computer, even if supplied by the dive centre, however, fundamentals of learning the Dive Tables are immensely important as well. Having knowledge of both and using them to facilitate you in have a safer, longer dive is what we strive to achieve.

Some dive computers we stock are most of Suunto’s dive computer range including:  Zoop Novos, D4I’s and D6I’s Vyper Novo.


For those intersted in Technical Dive computers our bestseller is OSTC which can
be used with Open Circuit and Rebreathers. We also have a small stock of Ratio Computers. 




ratio computers

Ratio Computers

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