Meet the Dive Team – Jasper

Jasper Mulda


Jasper, originally from the Netherlands, came to our Dive Centre and enjoyed diving with us for a Summer. He then decided he wanted to come back and do his Divemaster Internship with us. He stayed on and joined the other candidates on the IDC and passed with flying colours! 

After spending the winter in Thailand he came back to Divewise to join the team again….so he comes in handy with Dutch clients and speaks some German too.

With that lovely mop of blonde hair and big smile he has become our “Cool Diving Dude” and is a pleasure to have around.

We asked him a few questions so you could get to know more about Jasper…..

Who are you and what do you do? 

My name’s Jasper Mulder and I work at Divewise as a Diving Instructor.

When did you start diving?

Oh…..I started out in 2014, and haven’t looked back since!

What made  you start diving? 

I have been doing water sports since I was very little, about around the age of 5 actually……then at the age of 10 my father took me for a little dive in Greece and that was that….I was hooked! I wanted to become a diver.

How long have you been working with Divewise? 

Well this will be my third season actually…..Time flies!

Where and when was your last logged dive / dive related experience? 

This morning at Cirkewwa, We went to the P29 (patrol boat)

What keeps you diving and how do you keep the passion? 

One of the things I like to do is to teach, share my knowledge and experience with other people who share the same love for the ocean as I do…..apart from obviously the silence, peace and tranquil feeling the underwater world gives you.

Favourite Dive Site? 

Santa Maria Caves

Whats your favourite Wreck in Malta? 

I would have to say, the Um El Faroud and the SS Margit

Favourite Piece of Dive equipment and why? 

I guess I’d say, my mask….reason being it’s what allows you to see the beauty of underwater life clear as day.

Favourite Course to teach? 

Open Water or Wreck Specialty 

What’s next for you? To further your dive certifications…. 

I really want to learn Freediving…..I can image the freedom one feels when having trained your body to last a long time underwater with no substitute of air!

Name one experience that you’ll never forget while working with Divewise.

I remember when I was ready from my Divemaster Course. I was assigned to do a Discover Scuba Course in Dutch, which is my native language. But since I had learnt everything in English, I found it hard to translate what I had learnt and explain it in Dutch! It was a very weird situation indeed. 

If you could have any one super, what would it be? 


Give us a short sentence that describes you and your relationship with diving….. 

The quieter the better!!!

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