The MV Rozi Wreck

_mg_3275The MV Rozi was a tugboat originally called Rossmore. She was built in Bristol in 1958 by Charles Hill & Sons. She was later re-named Rossgarth after she was sold to a different company; Rea Towing _mg_3259in 1969. The Mifsud Brothers Ltd then bought the tug (still named Rossgarth at this time) in 1972. She worked for the Malta Ship Towage Ltd when she left Liverpool and started her occupation in Malta.

She was then sold to Tug Malta to operate at the Grand Harbour in 1981. After several long years working within the Grand Harbour, she was decommissioned and sold to Captain Morgan Cruises who deliberately sunk the vessel. The tugboat was placed just off Cirkewwa in September 1992 for Captain Morgan’s Underwater Safari Tours. However these tours no longer exist today which left the site open to become one of the most popular dive sites, attracting many divers from around the world.


_mg_3280The wreck is easily reachable from shore at Cirkewwa and simple to find as it is marked by a buoy. To get to the MV _mg_3267Rozi, one must pass over one of the most beautiful reefs Malta has to offer. Fortunately, the MV Rozi is one of the wrecks which can be entered safely, namely the engine room and the wheel house which have been emptied for this purpose. However, the rest of the wreck is also fairly accessible to explore.

Marine life you would expect to see are the Cardinal Fish, Rainbow Wrasse, not to mention Scorpion Fish and a lot of Sea Bream. To dive this wreck one needs to have an Advanced Open Water Qualification. It is a dive of 36 metres deep.

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