What is free diving?

In the easiest form of putting it, Freediving is basically breathold diving. If you’ve ever swum underwater and held your breath, even for a few seconds, you have already experienced Freediving.

This sport in it’s early days was only practiced by expert divers and/or photographers. However, it has now become an increasingly popular hobby within the generic world of sports activities.

Now, to explain what freediving is in the simplest way; diving without any aid of breathing apparatus in turn not leaving any harmful effects on your surroundings. In order for freedivers to execute this task, they must learn special techniques to hold their breath without resurfacing for the duration of a whole dive! Fascinating….

Different Types of Freediving 

While the technique of freediving is the same in any environment, it does not look the same in every case.

Competing freedivers practice 11 different disciplines. All of which include the breath hold technique but are subjected to different circumstances and environmental changes.

Furthermore, whilst training, generally most freedivers learn to practice holding their breath while staying in the same place, while another person times them. This is called Static Apnea and forms part of the Padi Basic Freediver Course.

Freediving opens up a new world where marine life tends to get closer to you – no noise and no bubbles!


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