XDEEP Backmount Trim Weight Pockets (Pair - 2kg each)

XDEEP Backmount Trim Weight Pockets (Pair - 1.5kg each)


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XDEEP Backmount Trim Weight Pockets (Pair - 1.5kg each)

The XDEEP Backmount Trim Weight Pockets is a pair of 1.5kg pouches and can be added to either side of the back mount harness or cam-band. The Trim Pockets provide additional weighting either at the top of the shoulders (helps bring feet up) or to the waist strap (keep ballast central). Furthermore, this allows the weight to be just where you need it to achieve perfect trim.

The design of the weight pocket ensures that the pocket doesn't move from its set position. This means that precise trim can be achieved.

The XDEEP Trim Pockets are made using Cordura materials to provide amazing abrasion resistance so a pocket doesn't suddenly rip open while swimming through a tight hole. The stainless steel metal components won't tarnish or corrode even with heavy saltwater use.

XDEEP Backmount Trim Pocket features

  • Add up to 1.5kg of non-dumpable ballast
  • High-quality materials
  • Holds 1.5kg of weight each pocket

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