XDEEP NX Series Backplate and Deluxe Harness

XDEEP NX Backplate and Deluxe Harness


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XDEEP NX Backplate and Deluxe Harness


At XDEEP we are passionate about doing things better, improving, and refining our products. We want BCDs to be safer, to be robust and reliable, and to be more comfortable for divers. Our engineers and designers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of this goal. From the overall design concept to the little details, everything is examined and improved. Once we have come up with the design we obsess about identifying and using the best materials.

The NX Series is the culmination of our experience, expertise, and passion so far. The NX collection of products has already changed dive industry thinking and has improved diver experiences from exploration cave diving to tropical reefs.

Easy On, Easy Off

Overcoming the donning and doffing challenges that standard backplate and harness systems present, whilst maintaining the great fit these systems provide was a satisfying challenge to overcome.

We simply increased the length between the shoulder straps anchoring points by 20% making the harness easier to put on. Buckling the harness waistbelt and pulling tight also pulls the shoulder straps down snug with the body. Close the waist buckle and you are in a perfectly fitting system.

Neutrally buoyant 3D Mesh padding

The NX Series harness uses our innovative 3D mesh for padding. This ensures comfort and safety as the padding helps the system mold to your body and prevents the BCD from sliding around on your back during the dive. You can be comfortable in anything from a drysuit to board shorts and a T-shirt.

Critically there is no compression of the 3D mesh and therefore no change in its buoyancy at depth. You can weight yourself perfectly with confidence.

Perfect Weight Distribution

Significant advantages in trim and balance can be gained by moving weight pockets up the body, of the hips and keeping them closer to the cylinder. The NX Series harness achieves this goal with a carefully calculated placement of the pockets. No longer will you feel the lead dragging you down into a sea horse position.

For women, weight distribution is a major step forward. It will take the weight off the hips and you will feel better supported by the system.

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