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XDEEP Weight Pockets


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XDEEP Weight Pockets

With the XDEEP weight pockets, the weight is carried in the inner holder equipped with a strong handle. Such a solution makes it easier to carry and manipulate the weight and significantly improves safety. You can simply take out the weight from the pocket at one time and pass it to the boat crew to make it easier to get on the boat, without the risk of dropping the weight

Big capacity

The XDEEP droppable weight pockets are enough big to fit even 6 kg of weight. Large capacity makes it perfect for cold water dives where drysuit and thick undergarments or thick wet suit require a significant amount of weight. If you need less weight in warm waters the adjustment system lets you reduce the capacity so you don't have to change the pockets for your dive trip.

Securely mounted but easily droppable

The accidental loss of weight during the dive can lead to an accident. The XDEEP weight pockets are very strong and durable. They are made of polyacetal, which is a very durable material, resistant to salty water and extreme temperatures. Their durability and the "click" sound they make at fastening gives you the certainty that your weight is mounted safely. It is easy to drop the weight in an emergency because of the large size of the buckle.

Protection against lead compounds

Solid belt weights are coated with lead oxide, a carcinogenic compound which has a tendency to accumulate in the human body. When you handle it after the dive with bare hands, the particles of lead can stick to your skin. When you carry uncovered solid weights in your car, the carcinogenic lead oxide can penetrate your environment. The internal holders of XDEEP pockets provide great protection against lead oxide while using and carrying the weight.

Solid and stable mounting

There is probably nothing worse in diving than unstable weight that moves and bumps your body during the dive. The XDEEP weight pockets are mounted on a harness and screwed down to the backplate. This ensures that nothing moves to the sides and the weight remains in its place all dive long.

Reinforced front edge

In the front part of the pocket, there is a rigid strap with a pocket which is always open. It may seem unimportant but it makes putting the weight in a lot easier. This is ideal when you are wearing very thick gloves during cold water diving.

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