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Learn to Scuba Dive in Malta & Gozo

We offer a range of scuba diving courses from beginner to professional. If you're visiting Malta or Gozo and want to learn to scuba dive - DiveWise is the place to do it.

start scuba diving courses
Start Scuba Diving

If you're interesting in experiencing or learning to scuba dive - you've come to the right place. At DiveWise we have a wide range of options to get you on the path to exploring the underwater world. With excellent tutition from friendly instructors, scuba diving in Malta is something that shouldn't be missed ...Find Out More

further diving courses
Further Diving Courses

This is where the fun really starts. If you already have an Open Water Diving license and would like to take your training further, there's even more to explore underwater around Malta. From Advanced Open Water courses, specialities like wreck, cavern, deep and photography ...Find Out More

instructor diving courses
Instructor Level

Do you have what it takes to become a scuba diving instructor? With our help, we can get you on the path to making a career from your hobbie. With experienced and friendly instructors as well as great faciclities, learning to become a diving instructor has never been so enjoyable ...Find Out More

technical divng courses
Technical Courses

If you are interested in taking your diving even further and want to open up opportunities to explore the harder to reach dive sites, then technial diving is for you. Our sister company TechWise offers technical dive training for a selection of agencies including IANTD, TDI and more. Vist the TechWise site

non diving courses
Non Diving Courses

Along with all our diving courses, we also offer a range of non-diving courses such as conservation specialities, underwater photography for snorkellers and equipment specialist... Find Out More


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