Apeks AT20A US4 Regulator

Apeks AT US4 Regulator


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Apeks AT US4 Regulator

The Apeks AT US4 regulator has been designed for warm water diving. Just because it is warm water equipment does not mean it is of low quality. The AT20/US4 is a very good breathing regulator featuring our venturi control and it is also balanced.

First Stage

    • No Swivel turret
    • 4 low-pressure ports
    • 1 high-pressure port
    • Polished silver chrome finish
    • Balanced for good performance

Second Stage

    • Pneumatically balanced system - reduces breathing effort
    • Integrated Venturi Control
    • Extremely efficient exhaust valve
    • Compact integrated exhaust
    • 25% lighter than TX models
    • Comfo Bite mouthpiece - for comfort and to reduce jaw fatigue
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