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Aqua Lung Rogue BCD

The Aqua Lung Rogue BCD is probably the most modular BCD on the market today. It has been developed in the understanding that each diver is a different shape and size. We all want the most well-fitting, comfortable dive gear from our dive and this system offers it. Not only that, but the Rogue BCD is also absolutely ideal for the discerning travelling diver who wants to minimise bulk and weight, while not compromising quality in the water.

The Aqua Lung Rogue has stuck the perfect balance of personalisation with minimalist design. This BCD offers optimum trim and balance in the water. The system simplifies the adjustment and stowing when you are packing your gear away. Not only did they achieve this, but in the process developed the ModLock connector system. This unique system allows fast assembly and disassembly of the modular parts of this BCD.

Aqua Lung Rogue Wing

The Aqua Lung Rogue BCD is a wing-style jacket. This means air added to your BC underwater migrates to the wing. The wing then wraps along both sides of your scuba cylinder. Horizontally along your spine. This means less effort for you to stay in trim and as such allows you to move effortlessly through the water.

The Lift

We have read lots of descriptions from other websites, and their descriptions are just wrong. The wing has 15ltr of lift or 35lbs in old money, but this doesn't mean it's "better suited for colder water diving". More lift used to be an "essential" characteristic of choosing your buoyancy system. Historically, the quality of your BCD was measured by how much lift the jacket had. It was always suggested to increase the lift when you dived in cold water. But this is not the case. All this does is encourage poor diving technique by allowing divers to dive overweighted.

Back To Basics

A simple buoyancy check (as you will have learnt in your PADI Open Water course or similar) at the start of your dive taught you to float at eye level, with all your essential gear in place, with an empty BCD and drysuit. You then add 2kg of weight to your system to compensate for the air you will use during your dive. So the smart diver out there now realises that at that point your BCD only needs 2kg of lift to comfortably hold you at the surface. That being said, if you are in a 15ltr steel in board shorts and a rash vest (so no buoyancy from a wetsuit or drysuit), you may not need any lead at all, hence the Aqua Lung Rogue BCD has the lift to allow you to appropriately compensate for this negative buoyancy. But enough about that.

The Modular System

The Rogue can be built in 27 different size configurations. This means, irrespective of you shape or size, the Rogue offers you the perfect fit. The modular nature of the Rogue also allows it to be disassembled to pack easily or to replace a part in the event of damage. Broad shoulder, no problem. Very small waist, no problem. Built like an Ox, no problem. The Rogue can be adjusted to fit. This gives unparalleled comfort in the water and on the back of the dive boat. Even fully inflated this produces no restriction due to the wing style bladder.

Ideal For Travel

The Aqua Lung Rogue is an ideal travel BCD. Unlike average BCDs that are cumbersome and awkward to pack, the Rogue can be disassembled quickly and easily without any special tools. Every part of the jacket can be flat packed and separated, reducing the space taken in your luggage on your next trip.

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