Aqua Lung Superlow 3mm Boot

Aqua Lung Superlow 3mm Boot

Aqua Lung

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Aqua Lung Superlow 3mm Boot

The Aqua Lung Superlow 3mm Boot is the ideal warm water dive boot. The Superlow Boots are made from as few seams as possible, strategically placed away from the foot's widest areas to decrease chafing. Less seams doesn't mean less protection, as these boots are designed to prevent excess water retention and come with a treaded sole that keeps your feet from getting punctured or stung in and out of the water.

Aqua Lung Superlow 3mm Features:

Protective: 8mm-thick treaded sole provides premium protection against punctures, stings, and slips.

Comfortable: The Superlowboot uses just a few seams, which are placed away from the widest parts of the feet to minimize chafing.

Eco-Conscious Packaging: Ships with minimal carbon footprint packaging. No plastic bags.

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