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90cm orange DSMB. Visible also at night and at very long distances. More compact than larger DSMBs, making these easier to carry on every dive. 

Easy to deploy

The XDeep SMB 90cm closed is inflated orally (blowing into it), or by using a drysuit hose. The drysuit hose method ensures a much larger volume of gas is added to the bag helping to ensure that it is as full as possible when reaching the surface.

The XDeep SMB is made from highly visible orange nylon that is strong and rated for use in life jackets and signalling devices. 

A strip of reflective SOLAS tapes is firmly affixed to the top of the SMB to provide visibility in fading light. A clear section on the XDeep SMB 90cm Closed side can store a small note or a chemical light stick to communicate with the surface while on a safety/decompression stop.

In the production, a special colouring process is applied making the material more resistant to colour-fading due to salty water.  Anti-bacterial coating The wet environment inside the submersible marker buoys is an ideal place for the development of bacteria, mildew, and fungi, which can cause chronic sinus infections and can force you to refrain from diving for many weeks. 

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