XDEEP Project Wing
XDEEP Project Wing
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XDEEP Project Wing


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XDEEP Project Wing 

Taking The Traditional Wing System To New Heights

If it works why change? Because good is not good enough for XDEEP. We wanted to deconstruct the traditional wing and backplate, knowing it works, but knowing we can make it a lot better. Every element in the NX PROJECT has been developed to perfection, with no compromises in the pursuit of excellence.

An investment of three years of design time, thousands of hours of testing in the water, constant refinement of the concepts, and the application of advanced materials technology brought our ideas to life.

Stability, Ergonomics, and Safety dominated our priorities and have been delivered in the PROJECT.

Inspired By The Dives You Do

What inspires you?

The thrill as a wreck emerges into view as you descend the shot line? The discoveries that lie in wait in the far corners of the hull? Perhaps it’s reaching into the depths of the earth, where darkness is split by your light for the first time.

Whatever inspires you, it has inspired us to develop the NX PROJECT to deliver that experience, expertly, safely - however deep, however far and however long you go.



At XDEEP we are passionate about doing things better, improving, and refining our products. We want BCDs to be safer, to be robust and reliable, and to be more comfortable for divers. Our engineers and designers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of this goal. From the overall design concept to the little details, everything is examined and improved. Once we have come up with the design we obsess about identifying and using the best materials.

The NX Series is the culmination of our experience, expertise, and passion so far. The NX collection of products has already changed dive industry thinking and has improved diver experiences from exploration cave diving to tropical reefs.


The NX PROJECT has sufficient lift to support multiple stage diving with ease, managing to achieve this in a tightly streamlined profile.

This narrower profile reduces drag, easing your resistance and effort through the water, improving gas consumption, and reducing the chance of entanglement.

We have minimized the traditional dead zone found in classic wings. As a result, we can give the equivalent lift of a much larger wing in a smaller, narrower, and tightly streamlined shape.


All NX Series bladders are equipped with a revolutionary adapter connecting the inflator with the bladder. As it’s directly welded to the bladder, eliminates traditional failure points such as elbows, threads, and gaskets. Its simple and indestructible structure makes it perfect for technical dives.

As a result, we have made a huge design breakthrough at the top of the wing. The tighter and smaller top wing shape opens up space around your valves and hoses. Access for shutdowns is clear, there is no unwanted air migration and the result; better balance, better trim.

Unrestricted Access to Valves & Perfect Hose Routing

In an emergency situation every second count's so easy to access to your valves is critical. As the NX inflator design is so compact, the upper wing size can be reduced and there is no impediment to quick and easy shutdowns.

In addition, the extra space allows for straight and tidy hose routing. Even when fully inflated the NX wing will not pressure or bend your hoses.

Stability at the Surface

When you are at the surface the majority of the wing is still underwater, providing lift. Even with several stage bottles, you feel 100% safe and supported, in a higher out of the water position than traditional designs. Comfort doing pre dives S drills or waiting in a choppy sea is greatly enhanced.

Small changes can make a Big Difference

The simple direct connection to the wing greatly improves airflow in and out of the wing. As a result, buoyancy control is more precise. In addition, the inflator is very responsive, deflating faster than traditional designs.


The shape of the classic backplate was originally driven by the road sign it was cut out from, time perhaps for a change. Taking a proper look at the anatomy and structure of the human back, we have reinvented the concept.

Enlarging the upper part of the backplate achieves better weight distribution during the dive and removes load form the lumbar region. The lower plate design spreads the load equally well and allows for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

The new NX Series back plate is more comfortable, more stable, and more protective of your back than any other classic plate.


The security of a classic single piece harness is unrivalled, but this has meant sacrificing comfort and adjustability. The NX series harness keeps all the positives but adds a level of comfort and adjustment that the most ardent DIR diver will value.

The backplate harness interface is a completely new design, made possible by the changes to the backplate. When unfastened the shoulder straps are 20% longer than in a standard one-piece, making kitting up or kit removal much easier. Tightening the waits buckle tensions the shoulder straps to provide the perfect fit.

V-shaped Crotch Strap

The NX Series harness is equipped with a totally new V-shaped crotch strap.

The V shape is more comfortable, eliminating often uncomfortable single strap. By spreading the load in and out of the water, the V strap is a real step change forward. Long scooters become a pleasure and even large capacity twinsets and multiple stages will not become unstable.


Because the load is spread over a larger area, whether being towed behind a scooter or head down in a cave or wreck, you will appreciate the innovation.


The V is formed by two slots at the bottom of the backplate, allowing the straps to run from wide to central. This ensures there is a balance stopping any movement of the system to the side and achieving security and stability.


The NX Series V-strap has two rear D-Rings set off to each side. This allows easier access to clipped off equipment such as reels and bags etc., in contrast to the traditional centre single ring which is often difficult to reach.

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