Mediterranean Red Star Fish

Colours change quite drastically within the different depths whilst diving. Red is the first colour to start changing the fastest.  Funny enough, the red looks brown to the naked eye and when under a spotlight, shines a beautiful bright red.


  1. Significant amount of red
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Significant amount of red

With every dive, I have noticed colour changes but the one colour change that got me thinking was on this dive. Found my fluffy legged worm and the pretty rainbow wrasse but the one fish I was intrigued in was that of the Mediterranean Red Starfish - Echinaster Sepositus. A vivid red to orangey red illuminating with the rays from the flashlight (Always dive with a flashlight to see the true colours). Seeing the details along the top side of the starfish were incredible. The outer layer of the starfish is armed with small spines but completely covered with a mucous layer giving it that soapy texture.

Mediterranean Red Star Fish

Where can you find them

These starfish can be seen everywhere on any dive whether it be to a wreck or along the reef walls. Spotting them isn’t too difficult. The beautiful little starfish stands out quite dramatically when spotted on the rocky terrain or on the Stoney seabed. They feed off any algae found in little crevice’s or on rocks and wrecks.

Mediterranean Red Star Fish

Underwater Photography

This is a great little creature for those who love underwater photography. Try the PADI Underwater Photography course and you’ll be able to use macro photography and capture the luminescent red colours on your course! The colours got me hooked! 

Mediterranean Red Star Fish
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