Team Interview - Jaen-Ray Strydom

Getting to know who Jaen-Ray Strydom is and what he does on a daily basis


When did you first start diving?

I started diving in 2011.

What made you start diving?

I have always had a love for nature, and at the time I wanted to become a marine biologist, but as time went by I fell in love with diving and wanted to learn more about it, because what better way to learn about nature, biodiversity, and historical culture that had been forgotten throughout the years. I heard a fact when I was younger that we know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of our ocean, so I set out on my career path to learn more and teach others of a passion I feel strongly about.

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What do you like about Malta?

What’s not to like about Malta, Malta has everything to offer regarding underwater historical sites and nature, what I love about Malta is the constant learning and exploration that such a tiny island has to offer, and also the people that you meet from around the world, Divewise is by far the best Dive centre that I have had the privilege to work with, as they have everything to offer, learning, teaching, exploring, historical wrecks, and a constant business even when it’s quiet..

How long have you been working for Divewise?

I have been with Divewise for 2 years excluding COVID-19 time as I have been stuck in South-Africa for a few months.

 Jaen-Ray Strydom Blog

What kind of diving do you personally enjoy?

I personally have a passion for wreck and tech diving as it’s a great interest of mine, I love teaching and exploring at the same time so it’s difficult to rank them if I could, but I enjoy all types of diving, As long as I’m underwater or teaching I’m happy, I’m sure I will still find my niche type of diving as I learn and explore more.

What is your favourite dive site around the Maltese Islands?

One of my favourite dives I’ve done was the Um El Faroud as its one of the most massive shipwrecks I’ve ever been on, stretching to 112 meters long and laying at a max depth of 36 m and going as shallow as 18 m to the very top of the wreck. And surrounding the wreck is beautiful scenery and a wide variety of fauna and flora.

Jaen-Ray Strydom Blog

What do you do on your non-diving days at work?

If I’m not diving I help out in the office or outside, by working around the dive centre fixing, or cleaning, I help in the office by doing certifications, and helping out other instructors around the centre, when the divers get back we usually fill cylinders for the next day of diving as a team, and prepare our group of divers equipment for the next day.  

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Favourite piece of equipment?

The re-breather is a piece of equipment I drool over, and hopefully one day will be lucky enough to own.

Where do you see yourself within 5 years of the diving industry?

My plans are to have my own travel agency dedicated to diving, but in the next five years I would like to be able to teach re-breather divers as a re-breather instructor. And be as highly qualified as possible in my recreation teaching status.

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Have you ever failed a student during a course?

Unfortunately, I have. Diving can be very scary for some people but that does not mean you cannot get comfortable, it takes patience and practice for some and for others its second nature, kids are usually more fearless than adults, but if you could not get it this time just try again and again because it’s just a matter of being comfortable and enjoying the sport.

 Jaen-Ray Strydom Blog

What has been your best experience with Divewise so far?

I can’t rank this one as I have had many experiences at Divewise, it’s difficult to say what was my best but I surely know there have been 100’s if not 1000’s of amazing experience’s at Divewise and I’m looking forward every day for more of them to come, as I tackle each day with enthusiasm and joy, you create your experience, and Divewise as I said in the second or first question is an amazing experience on its own.

Describe yourself in 2 words

South African

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