Team Interview - Sarah Shaw

Getting to know who Sarah Shaw is and what she does on a daily basis


When did you first start diving?

A cold February 2002 in the U.K.

What made you start diving?

Alan. No, a holiday to Kenya and snorkelling in an inlet of the sea and saying ‘I want to be down there’.

What do you like about Malta?

A great location for many divers to come and enjoy the diverse dive sites and wrecks from beginners to technical divers.

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How long have you been working for Divewise?

Not long enough – 12 years.

What kind of diving do you personally enjoy?

Looking for the myriad of creatures. The more unusual the better.

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What is your favourite dive site around the Maltese Islands?

Hmmmmm, each dive site has its own attraction. The Um El Faroud for not only the wreck but the vast reef for exploring. The Maori for accessibility for all divers and heritage.

Merkanti for its diverse topography.

Cirkewwa because it keeps surprising me. REALLY ALL OF THEM.

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What do you do on your non-diving days at work?

Wonder about the next weeks diving and what I will find. Catch up on some rest. chill, maybe go the beach. Work on my photos I've taken. Occasionally some housework. 

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Favourite piece of equipment?

All of it. How can you decide what is the one item that is your favourite? Each piece has it's own function for you to be able to dive.

Drysuit, because it keeps me dry!

Regulator as they are light weight and I have no issues with them.

Mask as I have had the same design for the first mask I bought 18 years ago.

I can rephrase the question to, the one that gives me most joy. Well that's easy, my camera!

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Where do you see yourself within 5 years of the diving industry?

Still diving, I hope. I have the ability to teach a huge array of courses and enjoy what I do. Do I need to push myself to attain great achievements?

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Have you ever failed a student during a course?

Yes. There are some customers for what ever reason, struggle with completing a particular skill or task. The one that comes to mind is the person who wanted to complete their Open Water certification and could not perform the CESA in open water. So, on the 13th attempt they finally accepted they were not going to be able to complete the skill. Delightfully I was able to certify that person as a Scuba Diver, so a great outcome for everyone.

Sarah Shaw Blog

What has been your best experience with Divewise so far?

Sorry, there are just to many to answer with one example.

Describe yourself in 2 words

Patient and enthusiastic

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