Why is Malta in the top 3 dive destinations in the World?

At the London International Dive Show , the Sport Diver Magazine readers voted Malta the 3rd Best Dive Destination in the World.

Thats a cracking result for us. We knew this anyway, but its great to know that everyone else agrees with us too. So what is it that people love so much?

Malta is probably best known for its wreck diving and there is truly something for everyone.

So we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what the wrecks in Malta are, and a rough guide to maximum depths of each wreck.

Malta Wrecks around 15m – 30m

  • Maori – 14m
  • Tug 2 – 20m
  • P31 – 18m
  • Two Tugs – 23m
  • X127 – 23m
  • Margitt – 21mmaori.jpg(HMS Maori)

Malta Wrecks upto 30m – 40m Range

(Um El Faroud)

Deep & Tec 40 Wrecks – 40m Range


Tec Wrecks up to 50m

  • HMS Stubborn       55m
  • St Angelo                55m
  • The Eddie                57m


HMS Stubborn

Trimix Wrecks up to 100m and beyond

  • The Polynesian          65m
  • HMS Southwold         75m
  • The Cargo Ship          120mPolynesia-0128 (1).jpg

(The Polynesian)

Interested in diving here in Malta? Well you’ve come to the right place! Visit our Facebook page or head to our website for inquiries and bookings.We look forward to showing you wrecks all over Malta & Gozo!

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