Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

Shearwater Peregrine

As an avid diver, an instructor and a sucker for new dive toys, one of the most interesting dive tools I could own, is my dive computer. Without a dive computer, I wouldn't know how deep I was, how long I was diving for and especially how cold the water was!

I was now faced with a new challenge. I was given the opportunity to dive with the new Shearwater Peregrine for the first time and I am 100% convinced on all the specs.


    1. Straight out of the box
    2. Putting the computer together
    3. Turning the computer on
    4. Contents on the screen
    5. Dive Time and Findings
    6. In Conclusion

1. Straight out of the box

Do you know that feeling when you wake up on Christmas and excited to open your presents? That's the exact same feeling I got once I was handed the new dive computer. 

The Shearwater Peregrine comes in its very own little black and turquoise case wrapped in a cardboard branded information leaflet. The leaflet is very informative, explaining the basic " Quick Start" and also a warning section reminding you to never rely on one computer but having a backup in case.

There is no visual manual for you to read but on the leaflet, it states in bold where to find the manual online.Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

2. Putting the computer together

As a child, I always enjoyed building my own toys or going to the mall to a shop called "Build-A-Bear". This had the same effect on me. Once I unzipped the case, I had to remove the following:

  • The Computer Face
  • 1 x Screen Protector ( With instructions on how to install)
  • 2 x Shearwater Stickers
  • 1 x Rubber Wrist Strap
  • 2 x Mini Screwdrivers
  • 2 x Screws (Place the rubber wrist strap to the computer)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Long Bungee Strap 
  • 1 x Quality Checklist Card with Tests, Contents and Inspections Completed By... 

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

In the small zipped net area, is a small product information guide on quick methods to charge the device, care & maintenance, need help & how to install the strap. Here was my opportunity to "Build-A-Dive-Computer", and within 3 minutes, it was built!

3. Turning the computer on

The time was now, to see whether I would physically need the manual or would I be able to operate this computer easily. Well, let's just say the most challenging part of this computer, was putting the straps on the computer with cold hands.

Turning the device on whilst holding in the only two buttons on the side of the computer at the same time. Once it turns on, the beautiful Shearwater logo pops up and within seconds, you have a functioning dive computer!

The computer face is so easily readable due to having a complete black background with the turquoise/blue written text and white numbering. Did I mention black and blue are my favourite colours!

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

4. Contents on the screen

Computer face is divided into 3 blocks:

  • 1st Block - Shows Your Depth & Surface Interval (On Land) / Dive Time (During Dive)
  • 2nd Block - Shows Your Safety Stop / Deco Time & NDL
  • 3rd Block -  Gas Mix (Air / Nitrox),  Max depth, Water Temp & Actual Time 

So easily understandable as every number given has a heading so you know exactly what your looking at and the best thing is that you don't have to click many button just to find maybe the temp at 18m or what the actual time is in case your late for a lunch date... It's all right there on one screen and large enough to read.

The computer is able to change from Air to Nitrox with a touch of a button & getting to your nitrox percentage is quick and painless.

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

1. Dive Time and Findings

And so the testing begins... Because it's a new computer and I wasn't sure if it would be okay for my dive, I brought a Suunto Zoop with me as a backup.

Immediately within the first 1.2m of water, the computer automatically went into dive mode and so the dive time started. Having done this exact dive over 100 times, I knew at what depth I would be at, how long I had until I would run low on my NDL and how long the bottom time should be until I start my ascent.

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

Last 5 minutes of my NDL it felt as though I took my cell phone down on the dive and it was on vibrate. The Shearwater Peregrine vibrates in intervals of 3 seconds at your last 5 min of NDL up until the point of 15m then it stops as your in the clear. (You are able to turn the vibration off in the settings!)

During this period of vibration, I noticed that the difference between the Suunto Zoop and the Shearwater Peregrine is that the Shearwater was in a more conservative mode than the Zoop. Almost a 5 minute difference. (Again, this is adjustable in the settings)

Ending the dive with a safety stop at 5.5m, for 5 minutes and again, the vibration was short but noticeable, just to warn you about the safety stop which needs to be done and then again at the end of the safety stop that shows you that your safety stop is complete with a green tick. Made me feel like I did a good job!

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

1. In Conclusion

  • FANTASTIC computer!!
  • Light weight and small 
  • Large text
  • Easily functionable
  • Readable at depth
  • Not able to have multiple gases
  • Air & Nitrox & Gauge Modes
  • No digital compass
  • No transmitter available
  • Android/iOS app for downloadable Logs
  • Comfortable on your arm or wrist (using strap or bungee)
  • Two accessible buttons
  • No CCR Mode
  • All relevant info needed on a dive on one screen -  that's my favourite!

Perfect dive computer for the recreational divers and perfect open circuit deco computer for the technical divers.

If you want to read more about Shearwater computers, click on this link NOW!

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Written By: Amy-Sarah Lottering

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine





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