Masks – What Comes First? The Colour or the Fit?


A mask is one of the most essential pieces to diving gear. A great quality mask is what you should be looking for, which can give you the best vision and visual perspective possible. Since obviously, you don’t want to have missed anything during your dives. So….there are some decisions that need to be taken.

As to what comes first?

Hands down the fit is the most important thing to look for. It is futile to have one of the coolest masks if it doesn’t fit your face structure properly. You can always choose the colour of your mask before your purchase.

Here’s a technique to aid you in choosing the best fit:

  • Hold the mask up to your face keeping the strap out of the way
  • Inhale inwards through your nose creating suction. If the mask stays without you having to inhale again then it should have created a tight seal.
  • Make sure to check that your nose, upper lip and temples are comfortable.
  • Make sure that the mask skirt stays evenly against your face all throughout the corners. Having a moustache and/or a beard might make this a little bit harder, however it is definitely still manageable.
  • Modify the strap and put on your chosen mask; assess whether or not the mask feels comfortable on your face.
  •   Additionally, try to also affix a snorkel/regulator, and make sure that there is no discomfort. This shouldn’t change the way the mask fits to your face.
  • Try to pinch your nose
  • Look around and make sure your line of sight is what you want in the mask you are purchasing
  • Try on several masks, and don’t substitute comfort for price or colour
Some masks have 1 lens and some have 2 depending on divers preference. If they chose a 2 lens mask some models then offer prescription lenses for people with bad eye sight.

Brand benefits comes down to quality and price with a wide view or forward view. Technical divers tend to go for the all black look with a black silicone skirt whereas recreational divers like bright colours with a clear silicone skirt and matching snorkels. Either way, its an individual’s personal preference.

Masks we stock mostly Technisub made by Aqualung and there are many different models to fit various face shapes for kids, women and children then a choice of colours.  We also stock a few by Mares, Bare and Beaver.

If you’re thinking of buying a mask, head over to our centre and we’ll make sure to accommodate you to find the best fit. 

Want to know more? Here’s our Tips and Tricks blog on how to take care of your mask.

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