Rules For Scuba Divers

It doesn't matter how many dives you have completed, we all have 2 goals beneath the surface, HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE Wh...

Diving with the Shearwater Peregrine

As an avid diver, an instructor and a sucker for new dive toys, one of the most interesting dive tools I could own, ...

Teaching in the UK vs Malta 

I started my diving career in Honduras in 2010, working in a resort as a Divemaster. Shortly afterwards in 2011, I mo...

Refresh Your Dive Skills

As you all know Vivienne Whitehead or Viv as we all call her, owns Divewise Malta along with her husband Alan Whitehe...

Diving After A Perforated Eardrum

Diving for the first time after perforating my eardrum in March 2019 was a bit daunting but as we are currently close...

Wreck Diving

Everyone enjoys a good wreck and even more so if you are skilled enough to penetrate the wreck. However, that’s not t...
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